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西村香奈子     写真は、クリックかスライドショーでみてください。

Kyoto Frenchi


Kiyomizu in Yasaka

Yes, we took the requisite shrine and temple pix, like Kiyomizu here, perched on a cliff overlooking the city, and like this shrine to beautiful faces, one of the Yasaka Shrines, patronized by geishas and by Kanako, too.

Kamogawa River microtomato

The inclement weather reduced the number of tourists so much that we actually got unreserved seats at one of the Pontocho night spots by the lovely river, where they served me a new thing: a microtomato.

our chef

Which brings us to our topic–Kyoto French Cuisine. Kyoto Frenchi, as it’s called, is its own hybrid invention. It’s not French, nor Japanese kaiseki exactly, and you pretty much can only get it here, but it’s really amazing. The setting resembles a luxurious sushi bar without the coolers of fish in front, but with similar service, which by the way, should be attentive and almost chatty. Think high-class bartender, not the fish-cutter workers in many places.

appies  3rd soup

I missed snapping the first course but here’s the appetizer boat for 2, filled with tiny morsels in tiny dishes. Next was a veggie terrine with a few dots of the incalculably valuable caviar. Then a soup of pompano (called aji here) in an antique lacquer bowl.

5th 6th 7th

5th course was a snapper (guji) in saffron sauce with a fried lotus root. 6th was a foie gras risotto with a touch of corn. 7th came a touch of sherbet with an accidental funny face on the cream.

Kobe beef steak

The main was Kobe beef. I had the steak and K chose tenderloin. The various sauces were completely unnecessary although quite delicious. It’s a good thing they didn’t serve a big portion, as we were pretty full.

dsc02596.JPG  dessert 2 tea

We chose our desserts but both came with a spoon of citrus gelato. Excellent coffee, of course, and then the Japanese touch, a final cup of tea.

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