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西村香奈子 with Michael Simon      写真は、クリックかスライドショーでみてください。

Le Corbusier House サボア邸(コルビジェ)



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しかし、時は 1930年頃。余りに前衛的な設計だった為、サボア氏はお気に召さなかったようで、結局ここには余り訪れなかった。と伺いました。残念!ですが、だからこんなに美しいまま残されていて、私たちにより、喜びと感動を与えてもらえるのでしょう。


After visiting Monet’s house in the morning and having a bit of champagne at lunch, we finally arrived a bit peaked at Le Corbusier’s Villa Savoye. It was so terrific that I woke up instantly. The roof garden was particularly terrific–although completely surrounded by exterior walls, it looked up to the open sky and we felt free. The other visitors and we naturally gravitated to it to chat and point out features. The way light ran around the rooms was great, the way the windows framed the exterior was very special, and still there were plenty of functional closets.

Yes, architecture can indeed change your life.

This was so avant-garde for the 1930’s that Mr. Savoye finally never lived here. It makes a perfect museum, though.

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