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西村香奈子     写真は、クリックかスライドショーでみてください。

Anish Kapoor, アニッシュ.カプーア@グランパレ







We went to see Leviathan, the Anish Kapoor show at Grand Palais. The huge eggplant colored PVC balloon almost touched the ceiling 35m above, and mostly filled the 13,500 square meter space.

Upon entering and walking around, I couldn’t apprehend the entire shape of the sculpture but suddenly it became clear. The everyday annoyances of life evaporated into the scale of its wonder. Fantastic!

We followed the path to get inside the balloon. Light from outdoors shone dimly through the thick plastic, filling the interior with an eerie glow. As opposed to outside, where the sculpture seemed expansive, from inside it, I seemed to be sucked into a void.

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